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Long We Live & High We Fly. We got some tape to unwind for you today so pour your favorite bevvy, roll up and take it in as Ichae, Mimi & Sundance take you under their wing. We're your friendly neighbourhood elder millenials passing the vibe checks on society, science, culture, media, music and more while we sip on cocktails & consume some quality Canadian cannabis...sounds millennial!

Episode 2: This Ain’t Build-A-Bitch
Jun 7 2021
Episode 2: This Ain’t Build-A-Bitch
Clink your glasses or your bongs together, Mixers, whatever is your pleasure, but before you join us in some drunken festivities, we had to deliver some sobering news on the undocumented remains of 215 indigenous children found in Kamloops, British Columbia at the Indigenous residential school site this past May. The Modern MixTape trio paid our respects and shared our thoughts on the tragic experiences of First Nations of Canada.After an eye opening chat on the objectification of Indigenous women we slid into the latest single from new music artist, Bella Poarch' ”Build-a-Bitch”. The MixTape team discuss the new track from the Gen Z,  Tiktok star,  and express our feelings on the objectification of women in social media, feminism, and female liberation, as well as debunk some copyright infringement rumors involving the late Mozart’s work.Speaking of copyright infringement. Who hasn’t infringed on some creative music rights these days? Milen touches on a few creative thieves and Ichae learns the hard truth about big time thief, Lauren Hill…*tear* We shine some light on the underdog artists they stole from.We know it is a lot to take in, but it's not a Modern Mixtape sesh without a chat on the philosophy of creativity and invention. Can you steal an idea or do you discover it? What happens when it's for personal purposes and not monetary? Where do we draw the line on who can and cannot post music on personal profiles? Is it fair to say that ideas are extensions of our thoughts? If so, should we be careful who we transfer energy with?The liquor must have been real good because we tittered into the idea of swapping energies with Greek gods... if you catch my drift *wink*,  and collapsed into a discussion of King Trident’s (Poseidon’s) sister, Ursula, in the Disney adaptation, “ The Little Mermaid”. Tell us if the diverse, drag queen inspired character wouldn’t be a better choice for a film spin off rather than the current film, “Cruella”.You be the judge after a listen, Mixers. Give us the sea… Get it? Give us the sea, instead of “Give us the tea”... *awkward giggle*Support the show (