Scent and Fragrance Chemical Branding with Sean Kemper

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Dec 1 2022 • 18 mins

Did you know that scents can trigger good memories in the minds of your customers? Branding your business with a signature scent that your customers can always relate to is a smart move.

In this episode, we have Sean Kemper explain how to improve guest experience through scents and fragrances in your rental property or hotel. Sean is the owner of ETI Solutions, a company with a deeper vision to help educate and train short-term rental companies while continuing to bring innovative equipment, cleaning, and disinfecting products to the industry.

Listen in to learn how hotels and rental properties are triggering memories by expertly applying and matching scents and fragrances.

What You Will Discover:

·         [3:35] Sean talks about his interest and intrigue in scents and fragrances.

·         [5:00] The psychology of scents – how scents can trigger good memories.

·         [7:04] How hotels and rental properties apply and match their fragrances.

·         [8:06] Why nursing homes are not a great market for fragrances.

·         [10:03] He shares the main customers for fragrances besides rentals.

·         [13:56] Why the fragrance business is easier when sold directly to consumers.

·         [16:00] Sean on what’s new for rental properties.

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·         Sean’s Website:

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