Conversations in Software Development

Borja Sotomayor

Conversations in Software Development is a podcast intended primarily for students (at any level) who want to learn more about software development, especially if they intend to pursue a career in that field. More specifically, the goal of the podcast is to expose students to topics and ideas that they don't usually get to see or practice in a classroom setting, including many aspects of software development that are not related to coding. In each episode, we have a conversation with someone who is involved in developing software in some capacity (such as software engineers, product managers, CTOs, etc.), and who share their insights and thoughts on a specific topic.
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Extras 004.1: "What does a CTO do?"
Extras 004.1: "What does a CTO do?"Episode 004: “Working in a Product Development Team” with Jenny FarverExtras 003.2: "Early career lessons"Extras 003.1: "Do you need a CS degree to succeed in tech?"Episode 003: "The Business of Software Development" with Q McCallumEpisode 002: "Giving and Receiving Feedback" with Chelsea TroyExtras 001.1: "Working in Teams... Remotely"Episode 001: "Working in Teams" with Ben Collins-Sussman and Brian Fitzpatrick