Criss Angel is a Douche Bag

Salt & Burn This - A Supernatural Rewatch Podcast

Mar 24 2023 • 1 hr 37 mins

What does "Police Academy," "Rocky Horror Picture Show," and a Pepsi commercial from the early 2000s have in common? This episode, duh. Our heroines have some interesting behind the scenes info from a real Director of Illusions to share, and also realize they should never offer someone a tarot card reading...

Salt and Burn This is a "Supernatural" rewatch podcast, hosted by Sami and Valerie ("our heroines"). Each week they break down one episode of their favorite show "Supernatural," going scene by scene, blood splatter by blood splatter, pop culture reference by...well, you get the idea. And in each episode they find something that reminds them of their real lives, usually making fun of themselves and stopping short of a "bitch/jerk" moment.

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