Preparing for the Peak Season in the Homestead without Getting Overwhelmed

Grounded in Simplicity

Mar 1 2022 • 49 mins

It's another episode of the Grounded in Simplicity.

For today, we discussed how you can not be overwhelmed during the peak season in the homestead.

It is best to write down what you need to start each week. It's like knowing like what your benchmarks are going to be. If you can have a note written in your calendar to have a roadmap of the things that you are going to try to work on or focus on every week.

The nice thing with having a list is it's pretty consistent from year to year. It makes it easier as you do it more. So every year, it gets a little bit easier, because you can just look back on those notes that you have created previously. May it be in gardening, buying seeds or preserving foods or doing groceries.

The more stuff that accumulates, the more it's still in our subconscious mind that all of this stuff needs to get done in a certain period of time. It is like our brain keeps a running and the more stuff that goes undone, and the more stuff that starts to accumulate, then the more our anxiety builds.

Simplify your routine, simplify your life. Figure out what you can take out like, it really comes down to figuring out what your priorities are, what you're going to focus on, what you're going to dedicate your time to. And then figuring out how you can either eliminate everything or eliminate or delegate everything else. Always remember, you cannot do everything on your own.

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