Taking Chances

Grounded in Simplicity

May 24 2022 • 1 hr 3 mins

For today's episode, Bonnie and Danielle discussed about taking chances and getting outside of our comfort zones.

As an entrepreneur, we are a little bit up, we're wired a little bit differently than people who don't have that mindset. Partially because as an entrepreneur we tried to take on the world instead of just delegating tasks.

There's a lot of homesteaders that hold themselves back because they're not willing or they're too afraid to take a leap that would put them in an uncomfortable position. They maybe don't want to move away from family or away from the area they're living in. Maybe they're too scared to get started because they don't think they have all the resources that they need.

Regardless of what scale we're talking about, when it comes to taking chances, anything that we try is a chance. A good example is when you go and get a degree from college and you're taking the chance that you'll actually be able to get a job with that degree or that there'll be a need for that for your skill set.

A lot of times with homesteading, in general, we are taking on something that is outside of the status quo, outside of the norm. And we're going to get a lot of pushback, it's going to require us to learn skills we've never had to learn before, do things we probably didn't grow up doing. We have to really just acknowledge that those are bold actions, and that we are capable of doing those things even when it seems scary.

Listen the whole podcast episode and see how Bonnie and Danielle provided tips on how we can start taking chances and finally get out of our comfort zone.

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