#TUClassic: Success is Rented with Zach Darrow

True Underdog

Jun 9 2022 • 27 mins

Today on the show Jayson is joined by Zach Darrow, Zachary Darrow serves as Chairman of DarrowEverett LLP and leads both its Corporate & Business Transactions and its Private Equity, Capital Markets & Securities Practice Groups. Zach grew up without a father figure, struggled with learning disabilities, and was told that he wasn’t cut out for college. Yet now, Zach owns a successful law firm that has over 30 attorneys.  During this interview, Zach told me about how he overcame his challenges to become the True Underdog that he is. If you want to learn how to crush your adversities and rise to the top, this episode is for you! Highlights: Being an attorney that people actually like Zach’s struggles growing up in Queens with a learning disability How Zach always had a desire to prove people wrong The idea that success is rented and you need to pay that rent every day How a partnership rejection pushed Zach to leave his law firm and become partner elsewhere The challenges Zach faced his first year as partner in 2007 Starting a business with Hall of Fame Cornerback Ty Law GET A COPY OF OWN YOUR POWER - AN AMAZON’S NUMBER 1 BOOK RELEASE! Immerse yourself with 8 key life-changing principles, worksheets to create your own map, and how to reach another level of your game!  It’s all Real Life Stories! It’s You vs You! Warning: This book is not suitable for pessimists, excuse-makers, and haters! SPONSORS: Open Door Capital - HubSpot - Buck Mason - Once you try Buck Mason they’ll become your go-to’s too! Head over to buckmason.com/trueunderdog and get a free t-shirt with your first order. That’s buckmason.com/trueunderdog to get a free t-shirt with your first order.  PINK ENERGY is the leading solar energy company installing solar panels and solar power for homes.  Looking for a job in the Energy Industry Serving Communities? Join the solar movement! www.Powerhome.com/careers Social‌ ‌Media:‌ Check out Jayson’s website: https://www.jaysonwaller.com/ ‌ Follow True Underdog and Jayson Waller on your favorite social media channels and digital podcast platforms: https://linktr.ee/trueunderdog True Underdog is a Top 3 Entrepreneurship podcast on Apple hosted by Jayson Waller, CEO of Pink Energy, one of the fastest-growing private companies in the USA, and his high-profile guests share motivational tips, inspiring stories, and business-building lessons to help each listener grow in their entrepreneurial journey. Reach‌ ‌out‌ ‌to‌ ‌Jayson‌ ‌directly‌ ‌at:‌ ‌ Jayson@trueunderdog.com‌ ‌ Guest Social Handles / Links In The Episode: Website: https://www.darroweverett.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zacharydarrow Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/darroweverettllp/?hl=en Twitter: https://twitter.com/darroweverett?lang=en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darroweverett/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices