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Legendary Master Healing

The Katie Carlson Show

Oct 9 2020 • 8 mins

Wow, what an incredible week it's been here in Salt Lake City at the Legendary event!

We had an amazing Master Healer speak to us, Clint Rogers.

Clint went from a skeptical university researcher from the USA as he travels to the Himalayas and uncovers secrets from an ancient healing lineage that began with Lord Buddha's physician.

For thousands of years, the greatest healers in the Himalayas have been refining a potent healing science for the treatment of physical ailments, psychological disorders and spiritual challenges. The most effective natural healing methods were recorded on ancient scrolls. Now, in this breakthrough, real-life account, many of these healing secrets are revealed by the author's encounters with legendary master healer Dr. Naram.

  1. Be Open
  2. Accept what is.
  3. Surrender to it all.

Clint will be on the podcast in a couple weeks, and I'll keep you posted on that! If you'd like his book, Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer - you can get it here!


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