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The Master Michael Nitti

The Katie Carlson Show

Sep 15 2020 • 52 mins

Michael Nitti has been touching peoples’ lives, as well as their hearts, for over three decades. Having held Executive-level positions in several industries, Michael works primarily with higher-end clients, drawing upon not only what he has learned over thirty-five years of intensive Transformational course work, but what showed up as a result of his "Spiritual Awakening" in 1983.

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Ultimately, and after continuing to evolve professionally for the next 14 years, Michael actually found his 'true calling' in 1997- when thanks to both his business expertise & his level of influence within the Self-help genre, he was recruited by Robbins Research in San Diego. Where, for the next eight years, he was privileged to serve as a member of Tony Robbins’ Executive Team- which not only allowed him to travel the world in support of Robbins’ extraordinary events, he was able to evolve his coaching skills while working directly for Tony - serving as a Vice President for RRI before transitioning into coaching full-time in 2005.

Since then, Michael has been one of the most prolific Life Coaches on the planet, coaching an average of over 100 clients per month, which allowed him to refine and perfect his Signature teaching, "The Trophy Effect" (which was published in book form in 2009). Today, Michael continues to coach both privately & as Master/Platinum Coach for Robbins- specializing in coaching Executives and other High-profile professionals, with a focus on Higher Consciousness, Unconditional Love, Relationships, & Supreme Certainty! All of which lead him to being featured on the 'EXTRA' Television Series "The Masters" in 2017.

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