#6 - Building Healthcare's Connective Data Ecosystem w/ Ariel Katz


Jun 8 2020 • 39 mins

Ariel Katz is the Co-founder and CEO of H1 Insight, a network dedicated to connecting healthcare professionals and companies with the aims of being the "Linkedin for healthcare."

Founded in 2017, H1 now has over 8 million HCP profiles in 16,000 institutions in 70-plus countries. Its clients, which encompass over 35 pharmaceutical companies, including seven of the top 10, use the platform to do things like find doctors to work on a clinical trial for a given biotech, find hospitals where they can do their clinical and find the thought leading healthcare professional to lead a CME session. H1 saw its revenue grew 350 percent year-to-year in 2019.

The company, which graduated from Y Combinator, recently raised it first institutional funding round, a $12.9 million Series A led by Menlo Ventures, along with Novartis dRx, Y Combinator, Baron Davis Enterprises, ClearPoint Investment Partners, Jeff Hammerbacher, Liquid 2 Ventures, and Underscore VC.