132: Self-Trust

The Money Love Podcast

Mar 12 2024 • 59 mins

Do you feel like you can trust yourself? Oftentimes we think of self-trust in a way that doesn't serve us. We think that self-trust looks like always following through, doing the things you said you were going to do, and never making mistakes. This version of self-trust is one that we can never live up to which will ultimately hurt our levels of self-trust and destroy it further. Instead, what if self-trust was something completely different? What if you could be trusted with money, to make the right choices, and to do your best moving forward?

In this week's episode of The Money Love Podcast Paige is sharing a coaching call from inside the Overcoming Overspending Membership all about self-trust. In this hour long coaching call she's diving into what self trust is and isn't, how we can work to develop our self-trust, the things that are most damaging to our self trust and how to avoid them, and so much more. This will be a value-packed hour that will forever way change the way you look at the important skill of self-trust. Enjoy!

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