Entrepreneurship, STEM & Startups. What Can Passion and Resilience Teach You

The Millie Podcast

Jan 11 2021 • 44 mins

After the events of this past year, we collectively understand the importance of resilience, determination and focusing on what matters. Ready to rebuild and rebound, embracing a spirit of hope and optimism for the new year? Then join us as we kick off the very first episode of 2021 with Dubai-based Aya Sadder, founder and CEO of Bolt, an event management company that supports startups.

Aya is breaking down barriers for women in tech and creating solutions for future visionaries, all while leading with kindness and eternal curiosity. Aya’s passion and excitement for the future, and her insight into visionary leadership, innovation, and progressive thinking is exactly what we need to propel us forward and motivate us in 2021.

In this episode, Chelsea and Aya talk about the key characteristics of visionary leaders, how entrepreneurship can positively impact the world, the importance of female leaders in tech and beyond, how Aya became involved in STEM, the startup community in Dubai, and so much more.

Believing in the power of startups and entrepreneurs to change the world for the better, Aya has helped bring companies to life. An active member of the startup community in the UAE and a certified public speaker, Aya has delivered TEDx talks in Rome and Dubai, covering topics like Society 5.0 and the role of startups in the experience economy.

Follow along Aya's journey at @ayasadder. Join one of Bolt's upcoming experiential hackathons, workshops or programmes @whybolt, whybolt.com.

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