Taking the Leap of Faith Towards Yourself with Mira Awad

The Millie Podcast

Mar 1 2021 • 47 mins

Mira Awad is a singer, songwriter, actress and artivista (activist through art). Born in Rameh village in the Galilee to a Palestinian father and Bulgarian mother, Mira learned how to walk the tightrope of identities from a young age: first, as girl in a male-dominated world, and then, as an Arab in Israel. Her words, music, and activism reflect this, and tell a powerful story of challenging stereotypes and public judgment, learning to embrace the fullness and entirety of her true self.

Chelsea talks with Mira about growing up in a politically involved family with strong humanitarian values, finding her ‘artivist’ voice at an early age, her experience competing in the Eurovision song contest, and ‘taking the leap of faith towards yourself’.

Currently based in Tel-Aviv, Mira has released two solo albums and collaborated with international artists Noa, Idan Raichel, Andrea Boccelli, Bobby Mc'Ferrin and more. She has performed in a number of acclaimed theatre productions and teaches stage performance for singers, actors and public speakers. Mira also gives talks and workshops, including the inspiring ‘Bahlawan’ (which means Acrobat in Arabic) TEDx talk. She is a relentless peace activist, and uses her art to advocate for human solidarity and empathy across cultures.

Follow along Mira's journey at @miraawadofficial. Listen to Mira's music, watch Mira's television series, Muna and shop Mitra by Mira at Mitrabymira.com.

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