What It Means to Add Heart and Why It’s Important

HeartMath's Add Heart

Aug 17 2021 • 25 mins

What does it mean to “Add Heart”? Why is it even more important now?

Internal pressure has built up due to the pandemic restrictions, and with so much change and instability happening, we wonder: will there ever be a new normal?

How can adding heart help? Humanity is at an important junction. Adding heart means to show up each day with the intention to engage with life and with others from the core values of our heart.

Research has shown that activating attributes of the heart, such as compassion, kindness, care, generosity, and patience, can help our immune system, our mental clarity, and our decision-making.

A quote often attributed to Albert Einstein is, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

The feelings and qualities of the heart lift our perceptions and thinking and help us find new solutions needed personally and as a society.

Our Add Heart® Podcast host Deborah Rozman, President of HeartMath, and Howard Martin, Executive Vice President, talk about why adding heart is important right now for creating our new normal.

Deborah and Howard provide practical examples of how people are adding heart to everyday situations and the benefits they are experiencing. They share an effective technique to add heart as a way to prepare yourself for each day and how this can uplift and add to your mental and emotional wellbeing―as well as help others.

Connecting with our heart, we can learn to rise above a lot of stress and discover new opportunities for positive change within ourselves.

Deborah and Howard close with a heart meditation to energize our intention to add more heart to our lives, to situations that need energetic support, and to our environment.