Care and Connection

HeartMath's Add Heart

Mar 17 2021 • 31 mins

Reducing separation, divisiveness and fear through the power of the heart

From one perspective it may seem as though the human race is more divided than ever. 2020 was a year of events that amplified racial and political separation. And the global pandemic forced much of the world’s population into physical separation, creating divisiveness and fear. These and other global challenges are awakening many more people to the realization that we finally have to cooperate and care more to find solutions.

A desire for more caring and cooperative interaction is increasing all over the planet. Deeper compassion, care, kindness and cooperation are powerful energies of love that connect us to each other. Broadcasting or radiating these transformational heart energies into the field of consciousness helps to accelerate the cooperation and unity needed to find solutions.

Our understanding of the intelligence and effectiveness of the power of the heart is in its early stages—yet it’s on the rise due to increasing stress and a desperate need for solutions that the mind cannot deliver without the heart.

During this month’s Add Heart Call, our host Deborah Rozman, HeartMath President and CEO, and her guest Claudia Welss, Chairman of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, will talk about the global movement toward deeper care and connection.

They will share ways we can each broadcast or radiate love into the energetic field environment to create more care and connection in our personal lives and help the planet at the same time.

You’ll also hear about a growing global initiative that is empowering people to connect with their hearts and the hearts of others—to live more fully from the heart and to add more heart to the world.

We’ll close with a heart-focused meditation to add heart to deeper care and connection and to our personal commitments for greater compassion and love.