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Unschooling isn't just an educational choice, it's a life choice. For most parents, embracing unschooling requires some serious unravelling of old paradigms around parenting, learning and childhood, and that can be both challenging and exhilarating. Join me, Esther Jones, a mindful parenting coach and unschooling mother-of-three, as I take a look at the many opportunities for reflection that naturally arise in an unschooling home. I explore my own day-to-day life and talk to other unschooling parents and professionals who share their thoughts and experiences. From self-care, neurodiversity and mindfulness, to how to live consensually and trust our children, this podcast is here to help parents navigate the everyday challenges so they're free to create a healthy, nourishing and enriching space for themselves and their family. You can find out more about my own personal journey into unschooling at or get in touch with me at: @_esther.jones read less


#59 Four of the most-asked questions I get about unschooling, with Esther Jones
Mar 11 2024
#59 Four of the most-asked questions I get about unschooling, with Esther Jones
Once in a while it felt like it could be helpful to take a moment to answer some of the most common questions that I get. Of course, every family is completely different, so if any of these questions or worries are relevant to you, you might want to take my thoughts as a hopefully useful starting point for your own reflections. Let me know if this is helpful for you and if you’ve any particular questions you’d like to hear discussed in the future.  You can drop me a line at contact@esther-jones.comSo, today, I am going to dive into four questions that come up a lot- What if my children don’t want to do anything?- What about exams or if they want to go back to school?- What if my partner isn’t on board?-  What can I do if I'm feeling tired or lonely?In this episode, I mention Peter Gray. You can find his blog on Psycology Today here and the link to his research about grown unschoolers here.You can also find The Unschool Space episode in which Peter Gray was a guest here.And, the episodes of The Unschool Space in which I talk with fathers are:#10 Unschooling teens, the importance of mental health, and a father's perspective, with Anthony Eldridge-Rogers #17 The right environment and lots of trust - two essential ingredients for unschooling with autism/PDA, with Simon Crummay#52 Intentional deschooling and lining up with our values, with Daniel Moeller in PennsylvaniaYou can find my blog, workshop and courses at:www.esther-jones.comOr, connect with me onInstagram: @_esther.jonesFacebook:@theunschoolspace