Ep 35: Mark Egan, Former CIO of VMWare & Symantec on InfoSec, Transformation, Education, and Hiring Talent

The Next Wave Podcast

May 14 2021 • 55 mins

Our  guest this week is Mark Egan, partner at Stratafusion Group. Mark has more than 25 years of information technology experience in IT transformation, information security, and mergers & acquisitions. He’s managed global IT organizations with over 1,200 employees, budgets in excess of $350 million, and IT integration for over 60 mergers and acquisitions, and he has been repeatedly recognized for his leadership and success in scaling IT organizations to support rapid growth.

Prior to joining StrataFusion, Mark was a CIO at VMware where he led the company from a server virtualization vendor with $2 billion in revenue to a $5 billion market leader of cloud solutions.Before that, he was CIO at Symantec, and held senior level positions with Sun Microsystems, Price Waterhouse, and Wells Fargo Bank.

Mark is author of Executive Guide to Information Security: Threats, Challenges, and Solutions and was a contributing author of CIO Wisdom, CIO Perspectives, and CIO’s Body of Knowledge. He is the founder of the CIO Development Program that mentors aspiring CIO’s and president of the CISE Education Fund that raises money for underprivileged students to pursue technology degrees. Find out more about the Merritt College Cybersecurity Program and contact Mark Egan directly for any further information: mark.egan@stratafusion.com