Wake Up Our Faith

Matt Ham, Kevin Adams, YouPrint

A fun, inspiring conversation about real faith, and the upside of upside down living—where stories of passion, purpose and dreaming big defy common sense, and encourage you to navigate life from a whole new perspective.Join Christian authors, Matt Ham and Kevin Adams, as they share what’s on the hearts and minds of today’s heroes of faith and explore what sets them apart.Get in on the excitement as this growing community of believers boldly reaches for truth when the “facts” of the day appear to disagree. And whether your dream is stuck at the “What”, sleepwalking through the “Why”, or flinching over the “How”, you’ll be deeply encouraged by testimonies, insights, and breakthroughs, to reignite your faith, and passionately raise your expectations of God, while learning to freely move with Him and His unique purpose for you.You can call in questions or testimonies to (910) 777-7591 or email them to info@youprint.life
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