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Crime World, with Nicola Tallant, is an Irish podcast about criminals, drugs and the sins of the underworld. Discussing the real stories, and the real people, behind the grisly headlines.

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Our Editor's Take

Crime World is a podcast about organized crime in Ireland. Nicola Tallant, an investigative journalist for the Sunday World, hosts the show. She is also the author of two books. Her bestseller, The Witness, became a six-episode series that won Irish Podcast of the Year in 2022.

Organized crime is a big problem in Ireland. Some cartels emerged after the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. That truce ended the conflict known as the Troubles. Ireland's economic boom also opened the door for illicit activities. Other organized crime groups are older, dating back to sectarian conflicts. Today, the Irish mob has kept up with the times. They have international alliances, launder money using crypto, and own vast swaths of real estate. The groups are also brutal and ruthless. They traffic drugs and arms, practice extortion, and assassinate enemies. In this podcast, Tallant seeks to shine a light on their activities and help bring them to justice.

Some episodes of Crime World focus on individual mobsters. With frequent guest Niall Donald, Tallant provides listeners with their biographies. Martin "The Viper" Foley is a notorious mobster who likes to sue various government entities when they raid his home. Sean McGovern is a member of the Kinahan Cartel. Wanted for murder in Ireland, he continues to walk free in Dubai. Tallant and Donald explain the next steps for the Irish police.

In other episodes, Tallant focuses on the flow of money and goods. She explains the role of stolen luxury watches in the underworld. They serve as currency as well as status symbols. Tallant also paints a sobering portrait of Ireland's addiction to gambling and drugs.

Sometimes, mob feuds cross over into the civilian world. One Christmas Eve, hitman Tristan Sherry fired his gun into a full restaurant. His target was Jason Hennessy, Sr., a prominent gang member. The event has rocked the country.

Crime World is an excellent podcast for listeners interested in organized crime. Locals who want frequent updates about Irish carters may also appreciate the show. Host Tallant is a dedicated and driven journalist.

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