Loss and Grief - An Opportunity?

A Light for the Soul That Weeps

Feb 23 2015 • 54 mins

Perhaps it is a bit challenging to think of experiencing loss and grief as an ‘opportunity’. Yet, upon further reflection we discover our experience presents an opportunity to expand and evolve in ways we could never before imagine. The reason is quite simple; loss and grief slices to the core of our being. It chisels through thoughts and feelings thereby revealing beliefs and perceptions in a whole new light. It breaks through barriers that have evolved over time and clears a path for a new awareness. It creates an opportunity. An opportunity is defined as a ‘possible choice’ and we have learned that we are responsible for our thoughts, feelings and choices. Our experience has given us and opportunity to pause and review, refine and restructure our lives in a way that will benefit who we are and what we want to create. Please join me as we explore how we can use this opportunity for our highest good.