Loss and Grief - Exploring the practice of journaling

A Light for the Soul That Weeps

Jan 26 2015 • 53 mins

The practice of journaling is immensely supportive in healing from loss or grief. Its unique connection of our body, mind and spirit requires very little effort and offers tremendous returns. Often the consideration of journaling evokes resistance. We may believe writing is ‘not our thing’ or the time commitment is too burdensome. Or whenever we begin to write our mind becomes blank and we become paralyzed. Yet, if our commitment is to heal, the evidence supports expressive writing as an effective practice in our journey and we discover the time commitment is nominal. We will discuss the benefits of expressive writing and how we can develop a daily practice that is supportive of our healing journey and works within the boundaries of our lifestyle. We will understand how a practice of journaling extends far beyond our initial intent to heal and is a powerful tool as we expand and express our true self. I am looking forward to exploring the practice of journaling with you.