Loss and Grief - The Art of Appreciation

A Light for the Soul That Weeps

Mar 2 2015 • 54 mins

Without a doubt, loss and grief changes us. We become weary of the frivolous; the noise that has clamored for attention from our loss and our various roles and responsibilities. We become overwhelmed by the thoughts and feelings loss and grief generate and we risk becoming immobilized by their effects. Yet, we can rise above the thoughts and feelings. We can generate new thoughts and new feelings that help us; that support us on our healing path. And we accomplish this through the art of appreciation. Abraham-Hicks identify appreciation as the purest word in our language. I tend to view appreciation as the most authentic form of gratitude. When we appreciate something or someone we can feel our energy rising. We can feel the vibration of appreciation as it nurtures us, heals us and brings a sense of well-being and peace. Please join me as we explore the Art of Appreciation and continue our path of healing.