Hot Spotting Real Estate Podcast - Ep. 23 - Blake Kaplan

Hot Spotting Real Estate Podcast with Mike Tohikian

Feb 8 2023 • 42 mins

In today's Hot Spotting Real Estate Podcast we'll be chatting with Blake Kaplan.

Blake Kaplan is the Executive Vice President of JONES LANG LASALLE IP, INC.

Topics Discussed

  1. Mike and Blake talk about how Blake got his foot into the industry, with a twist on how it ultimately started.
  2. Blake dives into his thought process on his self branding in the real estate industry.
  3. Blake gives reflection and advice on how he grew in the industry and developed the relationships that excelled his career.
  4. Make and Blake point out some struggles with developers and things that developers can improve on with the commercial side of the real estate industry.
  5. Blake shares a few amazing concepts that are currently on his roster and how he assisted in the development process.

"Alessandra Wants to Know" segment of the show

*How to contact our guests*

Blake Kaplan –

Blake Kaplan’s LinkedIn Profile

JLL Website

Representative clients -

Balboa Retail Partners
Clarion Partners
Covenant Real Estate Group
GPI Companies
Shapell Properties
Shea Properties

Living Spaces
Café Rio
Cava Grill
Dave’s Hot Chicken
Pie Hole
Randy’s Donuts
Roll Em Up Taquitos

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