Hot Spotting Real Estate Podcast – Ep. 14 – Kyle Fishburn

Hot Spotting Real Estate Podcast with Mike Tohikian

Jul 6 2022 • 35 mins

In today's Hot Spotting Real Estate Podcast we'll be chatting with Kyle Fishburn.

Kyle Fishburnis a Senior Associate at Kennedy Wilson Brokerage.

Topics Discussed

  1. Kyle shares how he started his journey in commercial real estate
  2. Background on Kennedy Wilson Brokerage
  3. Discussion on some of challenges faced when Kyle started as a broker
  4. Details on mixed used properties and the difficulties seen when leasing of ground floor retail
  5. Run down on retail real estate market performance
  6. Call out of retail tenant categories that are actively expanding
  7. Insight on some of the projects Kyle is currently working on

"Alessandra Wants to Know" segment of the show

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