Hot Spotting Real Estate Podcast - Ep. 26 - Hide Iwagami

Hot Spotting Real Estate Podcast with Mike Tohikian

Mar 22 2023 • 31 mins

In today's Hot Spotting Real Estate Podcast we'll be chatting with Hide Iwagami.

Hide Iwagamiis the CEO and co-founder of Hestia Atelier.

Topics Discussed

  1. A dive into the background of how Hide started his design firm, Hestia Atelier and how the company name came to fruition.
  2. Hide shares a few architectural projects that he has designed, including a mention of a few cannabis clients.
  3. Mike and Hide discuss the challenges that come with designing for clients in their space.
  4. Hide gives insight on the complexities and timeline about approvals with the city.
  5. Hide breaks down his process on how he creates the design based on the knowledge of the client’s business plan.

"Alessandra Wants to Know" segment of the show

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