Hot Spotting Real Estate Podcast – Ep. 29 – Steve Selcer

Hot Spotting Real Estate Podcast with Mike Tohikian

May 3 2023 • 33 mins

In today's Hot Spotting Real Estate Podcast we'll be chatting with Steve Selcer.

Steve Selcer is the President of Selcer Group & Selcer Realty Inc.

Topics Discussed

  1. Steve shares the beginning of his commercial real estate industry journey and how it led to where he is today.
  2. Mike and Steve discuss what it takes to make the shift from a broker to a developer in the industry.
  3. Steve talks about his personal insights on commercial real estate and development.
  4. Steve shares his advice based on his professional experience in regard to becoming a developer.
  5. Mike and Steve chat about e projects that Steve is currently involved in.

"Alessandra Wants to Know" segment of the show

*How to contact our guests*

Steve Selcer –

Steve Selcer’s LinkedIn

The Selcer Group Website

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