Episode 021: My First 6 Months: An Interview with Derek Jackson

Auburn Investment Properties Podcast with Chris Kearns

Sep 29 2020 • 1 hr 25 mins

In this episode, I interview another one of my clients, Derek Jackson.  He and his wife Miranda had ties to Auburn, met while working in Atlanta, and after getting married and having a few kids, decided to move back to Auburn for the long term to be closer to family.  Their primary goal was to diversify their retirement income, but they wanted to make sure that even their first rental property was going to put off enough cashflow to pay for itself and and build a reserve for future maintenance, etc.

Derek sees himself as a "risk averse" person, and it's funny to hear how his perspective on owning investment properties has changed since we first met.  Also, the Jackson's decided to self-manage for now, and Derek will tell you how & why they came to that decision and how they use some cool new technology to help them do it easily and affordably.

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