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Agile Vocalist is a podcast about sound and includes creator stories, history, inspiration, performance, and thinking differently about the role of sound in our lives. The podcast explores the careers and talents of creators who work in sound as well as compact audio memoir content about its creator, Rachel Medanic‘s life in sound. Agile Vocalist is for anyone who is curious, creative, and who wants to fearlessly explore the connection between sound and our humanity. Agile Vocalist began as a blog in February 2021 and its non-podcast content can always be found at: https://www.agilevocalist.com
Music as Accompaniment to Life, Work & Feelings with Vidya SrinivasanAn Indian Classical Voice for Modern Times with Vidya Srinivasan
Working in technology, it’s rare to find someone whose passion is as deeply in the arts as it is in the sciences. With very early life training in Carnatic music, Vidya Srinivasan’s career journey is filled with insights about how she uses a music as a tool for creativity, problem-solving, and as a means for processing life's emotional rhythms. In this two-part episode, we explore her career, the basics sounds and flavors of Indian classical music, and Vidya’s abundant wisdom as well as her life turning point when she realized going full-into being a singer wasn’t a sustainable path for her personally. Vidya Srinivasan was introduced to the world of music at age 2 by her parents. Enrolled in music school at age 3 to learn Carnatic music, she gave her first solo concert at age 5. She holds a degree in Carnatic music. Vidya has performed in 4 Indian TV shows in Tamil and Telugu and numerous stage shows. Her voice appeared in Sapthaswarangal and Ennodu Paatu Paadungal, both popular Tamil reality music TV shows. Vidya sings in 4 different languages and likes to experiment across different music types to create hybrid mashups. Music is her favorite escape from her work in technology and Vidya often opens her tech talks with a song. Vidya has been the General Chair of Grace Hopper conference since 2019.  Her love of tinkering with tech and has won her awards at Hackathons and so far she has filed 21 patents for her work. More visual information, liner notes, and an episode transcript can be found for this (and every!) episode on Agile Vocalist.com
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