Episode #28 Answering Listeners' Health & Wellness Questions

Body of Wonder

Apr 26 2022 • 33 mins

On this special episode, integrative medicine experts, Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Victoria Maizes, answer questions sent by listeners.

Join us as our hosts share integrative approaches to popular questions, such as:

  • Is a vegan diet healthy for everyone? What about popular keto and paleo diets?
  • How can you discern gluten-intolerance facts from fiction?
  • Is consuming insects a necessary strategy for global food sustainability?
  • How can you support the gut microbiome with fermented foods?
  • How often is it recommended to do intermittent fasting?
  • How can beginners use mind-body medicine?
  • Can you suggest help for tapering off benzodiazepines?
  • When are blood pressure medications beneficial?
  • Is there a link between antihistamine medications, mood disorders, and dementia?

As always, we want to hear from you and warmly invite you to submit questions for the show by visiting our website or leaving us a voicemail 1-520-621-3950. We will review and answer as many questions as possible on the program.

Please note, the show does not advise, diagnose, or treat medical conditions. Please seek the advice of your physician or healthcare provider for questions regarding your health.