Family First

Randy Rolfe, JD, MA, Bestselling author, family therapist, and wellness educator

On Family First, you’ll hear about all aspects of family life. What could be more important than your family’s health and relationships? Our show will bring you experts who can help you find the easiest, most effective, and most fun ways to promote your family’s well-being, whether it’s balancing home and work, your child’s schooling or getting chores done. I’ve handled topics from how teenage moms can still have a future to how the family of Terry Nichols could deal with the Oklahoma City Bombing. But the main focus of Family First is on prevention, how the little choices you make each day have the biggest effects. Whether it’s raising tough issues with your partner, handling an angry child, getting health or financial advice, getting your child to eat better, losing weight or finding fun ways to relax, this is the place to come for a helping hand.

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Jan 18 2013
57 mins
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