Eating Your Way to Better Sex

Family First

Jan 11 2013 • 56 mins

You can’t watch TV long without seeing an ad for a drug for enhancing sexual function. Sexual dysfunction is on the increase, but it’s not because we are all getting older or we need more drugs. Sexuality is a basic part of being human and sexual performance is closely tied to our sense of self. A fulfilling relationship between parents has a beneficial effect on the whole family. My guest this week is Dr. Robert Fried, a well-recognized expert and educator in biopsychology and behavioral neuroscience. His research has led him to conclude that we are actually eating our way to sexual dysfunction. Dr. Fried literally wrote the book on how diet can lead to sexual dysfunction later in life, “Great Food/Great Sex: The Three Food Factors for Sexual Fitness.” It's not in our heads, it's not a sign of age, nor is it lack of interest, but 70 million men and women have problems in the bedroom that may start in the kitchen. Dr. Fried will share his eating plan for sexual vitality and health.