Natural Ways to Help Prevent Cardio Problems

Family First

Nov 2 2012 • 54 mins

Today people are still dying of cardiovascular problems after almost a century of research. Predictors include elevated blood pressure, cholesterol, and tryglycerides, so pharmaceutical companies have developed chemicals to lower these numbers, but we are learning more and more about unwanted side effects to these drugs, most recently impaired memory in some patients who are taking statins to lower cholesterol. Plus the long term studies leave some doubt whether artificially lowering cholesterol actually is as preventative as had been hoped. But there are natural ways to reduce these predictors and these have only good side effects. My guest this week on Family First knows a great deal about these natural strategies. Dr. Keenan will discuss preventative cardiac research relating to nutrition and food and ways that we can improve our family’s health with some simple dietary and lifestyle changes.