Our Adrenaline Nation

Family First

Aug 31 2012 • 54 mins

Do you or someone close sometimes feel that you are never quite good enough or don’t quite measure up? Most Americans feel bombarded by constant messages that they must work harder, learn more, and be better to get what they want in life. My guest this week on Family First says the pressure is killing us, literally. Author of the new book Adrenaline Nation, Peter M. McCarthy knows stress first hand as a former Air Force pilot and then a pilot for Southwest Airlines. But it was seeing all the health problems among his loved ones that led him to discover what stress was doing to us and to dedicate himself to revealing how stress is not only making us sick but also bankrupting our nation. McCarthy earned his Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy from Trinity College of Natural Health. He is President of the Texas Complementary and Alternative Medicine Association and Chair of the Texas Health Freedom Coalition, the nation’s largest state level grass roots natural health advocacy network,