A Comeback & Hearty Conversation 😊 - The Hustle - Ep. 11

The Bishnu Mahali Show Hindi

Oct 27 2021 β€’ 18 mins

Hey guys, I haven't been consistent since a couple of months after my last episode of the #TheHustle series.

That video was the last video that I recorded before this one and I was gone in between.

Here's me hoping to make a good comeback with this new episode for "The Hustle" series as a solo podcast episode.

Watch the video to find out what happened until now, my current ongoing plans, and some future ideas.

Also, I have shared a couple of lessons or tips that I learned from my experience and mistakes.

Hoping that you won't have to repeat the same mistakes.  Thanks for all your support! I love you guys!


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Thank You So Much For Listening! β™₯

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