EP23 Holistic Wellness Coach Addie Spahr Kim Talks About Her Seven Pillars For Health

The Stretch Marks Podcast

Sep 30 2020 • 42 mins

Holistic wellness and healthy lifestyle expert, Addie has been helping others heal their bodies for over a decade. As a mama to two very active boys, she is all too familiar with the art of life juggling while balancing that with her own self-care and healthy lifestyle and thrives on teaching other mamas to do the same.

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💤 Gentle Sleep Solutions w/Kim West - this course is awesome for moms who need and want guidance and support with getting your babies and toddlers to sleep, help them to stay asleep, and help you to stay sane because now YOU CAN SLEEP! Click HERE to listen to my interview with Kim!

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💥 Flare Audio Calmers - these are great if you’re sensitive to sound (like me). I’ve found I’m less jumpy and irritable when I wear them… so now I wear them ALL THE TIME.

📘 Stretch Marks Book - this is the BEST book I’ve ever written! But, seriously… check out the reviews ;)

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I’m a licensed therapist, author, podcaster, and mother to four sons who is TOTALLY obsessed with books, old-school hip hop, and salted dark chocolate.

I get my highs from creating courses, workshops, and simple self-care tools for entrepreneur moms. Since the 2019 launch of my first book Stretch Marks, I’ve written and contributed to articles in national publications including O: The Oprah Magazine; Bustle; People; Fatherly; Wedding Wire; MindBodyGreen; VeryWell; Good Housekeeping; and Parade. And, I’ve been a featured expert for E! Daily Pop, KTLA, CBS8, and Good Day LA.

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