The GOLD Standard with Leah Amico

Major Media League

Ready to start showing up as your best self? The GOLD Standard podcast is here to help you achieve that next level in your life. We’re digging deep to unlock what it actually takes to build a foundation for greatness. If you are an ambitious person who has a big vision, but you feel like fear is holding you back, get ready for some major breakthroughs. Hosted by 3x Olympic Gold Medalist with USA Softball, 2x World Champion, National Softball Hall of Fame Inductee, and 3x National Champion at The University of Arizona Leah Amico as she shares the life-lessons that these major accomplishments have taught her. She’ll also be interviewing other high-achieving guests–from fellow gold medalists to top-tier athletes and finding out how they apply the GOLD Standard to their life. Everyone has something to learn from an Olympian! Each episode will leave you excited to push beyond your comfort zone, believe you can do more, and finally stop letting limiting beliefs hold you back. read less