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A last-minute party with no menu inspiration. A kitchen with no space. A toddler who will only eat buttered pasta. Name your dinner emergency—Bon Appétit is here to help.  Dinner SOS is the podcast where we answer desperate home cooks' cries for help. In every episode, food director Chris Morocco and a rotating cast of cooking experts tackle a highly specific conundrum and present two solutions. The caller will pick one, cook through it, and let us know if we successfully helped rescue dinner. Call in with your own dinner emergencies—no problem is too big or too small! For the recipes featured in Dinner SOS and more, head to bonappetit.com or download the new Epicurious App in the iOS App Store. You can find episodes of our previous podcast, Food People, here.

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Our Editor's Take

Listeners who love to cook may delight in the Dinner SOS by Bon Appétit podcast. Hosts address relatable audience questions that many home cooks have (or will) run into in the kitchen. How can a host cook for a crowd of competing dietary restrictions? What types of recipes are best without sacrificing time spent with guests? How can city dwellers bake to their full potential in tiny kitchen spaces? How can one recreate American holiday favorites in another country?

Cooks can listen to Dinner SOS by Bon Appétit to find out the answers. Host Chris Morocco has a decades-long career in food and publishing. He is a talented chef who graduated from the French Culinary Institute. He has worked for beloved publications like Real Simple, Food & Wine, and Bon Bon Appétit. He has been at Bon Appétit since 2010. He is food director for both that publication and for Epicurious.

Outside of his work on Dinner SOS by Bon Appétit, Morocco also runs a successful YouTube channel about making celebrity chef recipes. But on this podcast, the tips are more relatable. The recipes shared are sure to help home cooks prepare for their next dinner party. They can also help for regular meals at home. Listeners can learn about making duck confit, short ribs, or a cocoa brioche morning bun. The show also talks about the ideal Thanksgiving menu. It even suggests trying to make spicy pickled raisins for a treat.

The Dinner SOS by Bon Appétit podcast is wonderful for listeners of The Splendid Table and The Sporkful. Those who appreciate GastroPod should also give it a listen.

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