StoryCast 10: Religion in Development

Disrupt Development

Feb 4 2022 • 23 mins

In this AMID StoryCast series, students Delna and Salma dive into the role of religion in international development. They will talk about the history of religion in development and faith-driven initiatives. In this episode, they will narrow down the discussion by looking through the lens of power -namely, the power religion has to foster or hinder international development. Dive in!

Bios of the speakers:

Delna Abraham is a young professional working on linking research, policy, and practice in the field of global development and social justice through research communication, uptake, and social impact assessment. Skilled in Project Management, Baseline Research and Evaluation and with a background in Journalism, she also has experience reporting on national policy, migration, communal violence, gender, education, and health in India and the Middle East.

Salma Peter Tambwe is building a career in Capacity Strengthening in agricultural value chains, research, and education at iCRA. Studied International economics and development, consultancy, and entrepreneurship, her professional background is in project coordination and management, entrepreneurship in East and Central Africa, business plan development for micro farmers and enterprises. She believes in allowing people to own their growth and development and channels that into training and capacity building.