First Move with Julia Chatterley


A daily global business program featuring the latest headlines and top newsmakers.
Diplomacy Aims To Deescalate Ukraine CrisisBiden Blunder? Covid Countdown. Solar Surge.Putin’s Plot? 5G Friction. Backbench Beef.Microsoft Merger. Diplomatic Drive. 5G Fallout.Slowing Growth. Drone Deaths. Djokovic Deported.Djokovic Drama. Another Apology. Cyber Scare.Djokovic Delaying. Party Platitudes. Price Punch.Political Peril. Inflation Escalation. Covid Clarification.Tennis Troubles. Party Problems. Powell’s Pitch.Djokovic Drama. Tense Talks. Winter Warnings.Omicron Uncertainty. Kazakhstan’s Lethal Order. Tennis Turmoil.Covid Clampdown. Macron’s Mandate. Supercharged CES.Covid Closure. CEO Convicted. China Controversies.New Year, New Records. Covid Cancellations. Speeding Sales.High Risk. Covid Cases Climb. Presidential Call.“Obviously Milder.” Hong Kong Crackdown. Remembering Tutu.Cases Climb. Moscow Moves. Deadly Deluge.First Move Update for December 24, 2021Omicron Optimism. Peak Passed? Lockdown Limits.Storm Coming. Fourth Jab. Shorter Stay.