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Darien Gold, producer, writer, editor and host of the podcast, All Things Pilates, brings her style and interviewing skills she developed as a radio show host. Her intention is to reach a larger audience and give greater exposure to guests who knew or worked with Joseph Pilates. In addition, First, Second and Third Generation teachers are also featured who are passionate about the Pilates philosophy, tradition and principles. Considered to be a global phenomenon, the Pilates Method has profoundly changed both the wellness and fitness conversation. Darien’s own contribution along with her guests are preserving valuable and historical information for future generations. Darien was the first Second Generation Classical Pilates instructor to present the traditional Intermediate Mat repertoire in an app, "Studio Darien Pilates." It was also selected by Pilates Style Magazine in 2010 as one of the Top 10 Best DVDs of the Year. Two years later, Pilates Style Magazine selected her second app, "Studio Darien Advanced Pilates" for the same honor. These two apps can be purchased on the App Store and Google Play. For more information:

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Pat Guyton & Kevin Bowen ~ If Joe Pilates only knew...
Jul 18 2023
Pat Guyton & Kevin Bowen ~ If Joe Pilates only knew...
In this episode, we’re going to hear from two very influential Pilates educators, Pat Guyton and Kevin Bowen. You may recall from last season listening to the wonderful Pat Guyton and if you’ve been following me for a few years, you might have heard my radio interview with Kevin Bowen on KPCA-Petaluma. Pat and Kevin have known and worked with each other ever since Kevin founded the Pilates Method Alliance in 2000. And both of my guests have gone on to teach and mentor Pilates teachers around the globe leaving lasting impressions on all of their students. This interview may be somewhat provocative because we’ll be touching on the unrest surrounding the PMA, little known tidbits about the First generation teachers, and the current state of our Pilates community.About Darien Gold ~ Music credits ~ Instagram: @theotherjohnmayer - Email: mayerranchrecordings@gmail.comBecome a show supporter! Pat Guyton ~  https://patguytonpilates.comPat is the founder and owner of Pilates Conservatory®, which offers mentorship programs, continuing education and a comprehensive teacher training program. About Kevin Bowen ~ https://coredynamicspilates.comKevin is the owner and Director of Core Dynamics Pilates, a comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program based upon the Eve Gentry lineage.  Featured on various news programming and publications such as CNN, ABC, WSJ, L A Times and Miami Herald, Kevin continues advocating for the Pilates profession. Kevin was also the co-founder of Pilates Method Alliance (PMA).  As the executive director of the Human Rights Alliance in Santa Fe, NM, Kevin is also a committed ally and activist to the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.Support the show
Roberta Gratz ~ Co-Owner of Gratz Industries (Rebroadcast, 2018)
Nov 15 2022
Roberta Gratz ~ Co-Owner of Gratz Industries (Rebroadcast, 2018)
My guest today is Roberta Gratz, co-owner of Gratz Industries and wife of the late Donald Gratz, whose father Frank along with a business partner opened a custom metal fabrication business Treitel/Gratz in New York City in the 1920’s. When Mr. Tretial moved on, Frank renamed the business Gratz Industries, Inc. and continued to fabricate sculptures, metal furniture and produce industrial design prototypes for many of the worlds top designers. Donald, Frank’s younger son joined his father after finishing college and a stint in the Army.  At one point in the mid 1960’s one aspect of their metal furniture business began to slow down leaving room for a unique but untested type of business. On a serendipitous afternoon in 1968, Donald while delivering a metal furniture piece to one of his customers met Romana Kryzanowska at his customer’s home. Romana had needed a manufacturer for her apparatus as more and more teachers were arriving at her studio eager to learn Pilates from her and then needing apparatus to work on at home. It was this fortuitous meeting with Romana that opened a new line of business for Gratz Industries, located at that time in Long Island City, Queens - it was the birth of classical Pilates apparatus. Special thanks to KPCA-Petaluma Music credit: Summer Sidewalk by AudionautixFor more information about Gratz Industries: https://www.pilates-gratz.comFor more information about Darien Gold: https://www.dariengold.comTheme music: Soul Blues Piano Shuffle by Boom ZoomSupport the show