Fun, fast, and furious: Rob Williams and Pye Parr unpack ‘Petrol Head’

AIPT Comics

Nov 5 2023 • 1 hr 23 mins

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  1. Rob Liefeld's Captain America 'Heroes Reborn' cover-up for auction and up to 13K!
  2. X-Men: Forever’ promises to answer Krakoa’s darkest truths starting March 20th
  3. Black Widow & Hawkeye’ coming March 2024
  4. Read Peach Momoko’s X-Men backup story from ‘Ultimate Universe’ #1 for free
  5. Vault Comics and Aethon partner to publish new comics, ebooks, audiobooks and graphic novels
  6. DC Comics announces DC Compact Comics graphic novels starting June 2024
  7. DC to release 64-page ‘Wonder Woman: Outlaw’ issues collecting issue 1 and 2

Our Top Books of the Week


  1. Detective Comics #1076 (Ram V, Dan Watters, Jason Shawn Alexander, Liam Sharp, Christopher Mitten)
  2. Spider-Boy #1 (Dan Slott, Paco Medina, Ty Templeton)


  1. Canary #1 (Scott Snyder, Dan Panosian)
  2. Blood Commandment #1 (Szymon Kudranski)

Standout KAPOW moment of the week:

Nathan - Detective Comics (2016) #1076 (Dan Watters, Liam Sharp)

Dave - Detective Comics (2016) #1076 (Ram V, Jason Shawn Alexander)


  1. Dave: Zawa + The Belly of the Beast #1 (Michael Dialynas)
  2. Nathan: What If…? Dark: Tomb of Dracula #1 (Marv Wolfman, David Cutler)


  1. Dave: Dark Ride #9 (Riley Rossmo)
  2. Nathan: Army of Darkness Forever #2 (Arthur Suydam)

Interview: Rob Williams and Pye Parr ‘Petrol Head’ out November 8

  1. What is the fascination with fast cars and racing in our world’s culture, do you think?
  2. What was the first bud of an idea for Petrol Head, and how did it evolve once Pye finished the first issue?
  3. What other extreme sports have happened before the Petrol Head races?
  4. Humans would definitely still go for the old types of entertainment, regardless of the environmental cost, right?
  5. I love Head’s design. Where did the idea for two different eye shapes come from?
  6. Are there any challenges to getting a character like PH to emote?
  7. I imagine there are some fun brainstorming sessions to come up with the car and bot designs. Walk us through your collaboration process!
  8. The colors in this book are insane in the best possible way. How did you come up with the palette of this world?
  9. Is there anything you learned about your own work after working on this project?
  10. If Petrol Head was adapted into TV or film, who would you love see direct?
  11. Anything else to plug?