On Alan Scott: Green Lantern: Tim Sheridan and Cian Tormey unpack the new series

AIPT Comics

Oct 29 2023 • 1 hr 42 mins

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  1. Vault announces manga homage variant cover line Sanji by Angela Wu
  2. Dark Horse launching Star Wars line of graphic novels in 2024
  3. 'Edge of Spider-Verse' returns for new four-issue series in 2024
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Our Top Books of the Week


  1. Alan Scott: Green Lantern #1 (Tim Sheridan, Cian Tormey)
  2. Captain Marvel (2023) #1 (Alyssa Wong, Jan Bazaldua)


  1. Jean Grey #3 (Louise Simonson, Bernard Chang)
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #36 (Zeb Wells, Ed McGuinness)

Standout KAPOW moment of the week:

Chris - TIE!
1. Dark X-Men #3 - Gambit blows up Archangel (Steve Foxe, Jonas Scharf)
2. Amazing Spider-Man #36 - “Okay, Rek-Rap. Now I’m gonna do that to YOU.” (Zeb Wells, Ed McGuinness)

Dave - Amazing Spider-Man #36 (Zeb Wells, Ed McGuinness)


  1. Dave: Batman / Catwoman: The Gotham War - Scorched Earth #1 (Chip Zdarsky, Tini Howard, Adriano Di Benedetto, Mike Hawthorne)
  2. Chris: X-Men #28 - Writer: Gerry Duggan Artist: Joshua Cassara


  1. Dave: Spider-Boy #1 (John Tyler Christopher Negative Space Cover)
  2. Chris: X-Men #28 60th Anniversary Wraparound Cover by Philip Tan

Interview - Tim Sheridan Cian Tormey - Alan Scott: Green Lantern

FOC November 5th (issue 2)

  1. To start, congrats on an excellent first issue out this week! The reviews are in and Alan Scott: Green Lantern is scoring high marks across comics reviewers, for context, how long has this first issue been in the works?
  2. What made using Hoover so important for your story?
  3. 10 minutes
  4. I found the first issue incredibly impactful, from the care and love Alan and his boyfriend show each other to the cruel world he must navigate, how do you balance writing a story about a gay man in the 40s with superhero heroics?
  5. Cian, last we spoke you talkeJonas Scharfd about loving to draw boats and lo and behold, you’re drawing plenty in this first issue! What has been the most rewarding thing about drawing this series so far?
  6. Your story is taking place in the 40s DC universe, how much room do you have to play, considering a single choice could affect the universe going forward?
  7. Red Lanterns are relatively new in the grand scheme of things and yet…might your story be rewriting the appearance of Red Lanterns? Is there pressure in delivering on that front?
  8. Will you continue to plumb moments in Alan’s life in each issue, or will the narrative be more linear going forward?
  9. The legacy of Green Lantern is growing thanks to you guys, do you have a favorite Green Lantern story arc?
  10. Alan Scott - have you changed your opinion of the character?
  11. The anti-gay backlash has been disgusting and I understand you’re giving your royalties to the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Tim.