The Nick D Podcast on Radio Misfits

Nick Digilio

Award-Winning, longtime Chicago radio personality Nick Digilio hosts this pop culture/entertainment podcast, featuring interviews, movie reviews and much more. Tuesdays & Fridays on the Radio Misfits Podcast Network read less

Our Editor's Take

One would think a Chicago movie critic would love Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but Nick Digilio despises the Chicago-based film. Digilio gives other such contrary opinions on The Nick D Podcast on Radio Misfits. The "Misfits" part of the show's name comes from the Radio Misfits podcast network.

The Nick D Podcast on Radio Misfits is a Chicago-based podcast about pop culture. Nick hosted a radio show for 35 years at legendary Chicago station WGN. He did movie reviews and talked about other entertainment topics. With the radio show, he was never afraid to voice opinions others might not agree with, like disliking Ferris Bueller. And he brings that same fearlessness to the podcast. (He is one of the one percent of movie critics who didn't like Top Gun: Maverick).

Joining Nick is Esmerelda Leon, who isn't afraid to voice her opinions. The Nick D Podcast also has regular guests like Dan Fienberg of The Hollywood Reporter. And the podcast has a structure like a radio show program. Each episode lasts one hour and 45 minutes, with multiple segments on various topics. There are new episodes each Tuesday and Friday.

There are Chicagocentric topics on The Nick D Podcast on Radio Misfits. like about Bolingbrook. And Windy City listeners may be glad to hear Nick's voice again. But most of the show consists of more general pop-culture conversations and opinions. Nick does his movie reviews and has opinionated thoughts on TV and food. The show does plenty of themed conversations around the holidays. Nick D is an engaging host with a good voice and a quick wit. So the show is entertaining and energetic. Nick and Esmerelda even had a live audience for one episode. Pop-culture podcast fans may enjoy The Nick D Podcast on Radio Misfits.

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