Ep. 732 Tucker Carlson MOCKS The Liberal Media FREAK SHOW!!!

Turley Talks

Nov 10 2021 • 13 mins


  • “This massive societal shift away from the old legacy media world to the new independent content creator world is leaving the legacy media in the dust, and rather than adapt and adjust and rebrand, they’re doubling down, thus guaranteeing their own demise.”
  • “With all of their ridiculous virtue signaling, the media continues to act like they have legitimate moral authority over our society but those days are over, they’re gone! And so the media has turned into basically a mass babbling idiocy that still acts like the majority of populations take them seriously.”
  • “In the name of restoring their position as the caretakers of democracy, the mainstream media have become the chief advocates for mass censorship.”


  • [02:53] What Tucker Carlson had to say about the leftist legacy media
  • [05:55] The shift from mass society to a network society
  • [08:11] On the latest samples of media freak show and how the days of their dominance  have indeed come to an end


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