Turley Talks

Jun 11 2021 • 9 mins


  • "It’s being widely reported that Putin will be pressing Biden on what Putin perceives to be human rights violations being perpetrated against Trump's supporters who attended the mostly peaceful protest at the US Capitol on January 6."
  • “What Sergey Lavrov is accusing Bumbling Biden and the Democrats of doing is absolutely right. What Biden and the Democrats have been doing here with the January 6 riot is something scholars refer to as weaponized legalism, a technical term for the politicalization of the law.”
  • “The Russian public rejects Navalny precisely because our mainstream Marxist media supports him. And whatever our media supports, the Rusian public largely rejects.”
  • "Everyone on the political planet knows Biden is weak and Putin, in openly defending Trump's supporters and rioters of the Capitol, is frankly demonstrating precisely just how weak Biden really is."


  • [01:28] Biden and President Vladimir Putin’s summit in Geneva and why Putin is accusing Biden of persecuting Trump’s supporters
  • [03:40] What is weaponized legalism and how the Democrats are using it
  • [05:00] President Trump trolling Biden’s meeting with President Putin and how the media is trying to prop up Biden
  • [07:10] On the Navalny issue, why most Russians don't believe he was poisoned and how Putin is showing how weak Biden is


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