Ep. 1002 Russia BANS All LGBT Propaganda as New Traditionalist World RISES!!!

Turley Talks

Jun 9 2022 • 11 mins


  • “It’s being widely reported particularly within the Orthodox world that Russian legislators have just proposed a new law that would officially ban any and all what they call pro-LGBT propaganda from the nation/ That would be for both children and adults, with violators facing fines of upwards of $10 million rubles, that’s over a $170 thousand dollars.”
  • “What’s happening in Russia is retraditionalization at an entirely new level, a level we simply haven’t seen as of yet. And that’s because Russia has coupled its retraditionalization with the rise of what’s called a civilization state.”
  • “What Russia is doing in its own grandiose way, its retraditionalist outworking is actually becoming the new normal around the world.”
  • “The world in which we live is slowly but surely transitioning from a liberal globalist world to a conservative traditionalist world and the laws that are being proposed and passed in Russia really are just the beginning.”


  • [02:35] On the proposed law in Russia banning all LGBT propaganda
  • [04:05] How the legacy media is reacting to it and what’s happening with Russia right now in light of this proposed law
  • [07:21] How a number of other nations are ready to follow suit with Russia


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