NineDots: The DotCast


The NineDots podcast. Topical ramblings from NineDots co-founders Adam Johnson, Rahul Khona, Andy Gaines and regular guests from the world of wedding photography!

Episode 35: Jenn Nauss (Nova Scotia, Canada)Episode 34: Steve Gerrard (Montreal, Canada)Episode 33: Rafe Abrook (Hertfordshire, UK)Episode 32: Nadine Van Biljon (London, UK)Episode 31: Ronan Palliser (Dublin, Ireland)Episode 30: Sanjay Gohil (London, UK)Episode 29: Ian Weldon (Newcastle, UK)Episode 28: Shelly Mantovani (Yorkshire, UK)Episode 27: Toni Darcy (Lancashire, UK)Episode 26: Adam Lowndes (Staffordshire, UK)Episode 25: Simon Leclercq (Belgium)Episode 24: Neil Redfern (Manchester, UK)Episode 23: Ste Walker (Liverpool, UK)Episode 22: Elle Coe and Ben Winnington (Birmingham, UK)Episode 21: Heather Jowett (Michigan, USA)Episode 20: Advice to our newbie selves!Episode 19: Two Mann Studios on changing perspectives - past, present and futureEpisode 18: Shooting Elopements featuring Cat Ekkelboom-WhiteEpisode 17: Trust your taste, and lots of tangents!Episode 16: It's ok to struggle a bit during these times!