Episode 48: Rahul Khona is joined by Janina Brocklesby where discuss group photos, client communication, her award winning images and so much more!

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Aug 18 2023 • 1 hr 39 mins

In this podcast episode, Rahul and Janina from Reportage Studios discuss everyones favourite part of the day group photos and how they hold the power to capture connections and how its our legacy work for the couples we shoot.

Janina talks about how she got into wedding photography and how Alan Law's workshop Law School was the game changer in her career and the path she wanted to follow.

Janina talks about the role of effective communication to her clients and how it’s pivotal to keeping her couples relaxed when she’s around and allowing her permission to intimate moments. Additionally, the conversation delves into the concept of outsourcing tasks that might not align with one's strengths or preferences, underlining the importance of collaboration in producing exceptional work. The podcast also delves into the ethical considerations and responsibilities associated with capturing intimate, private moments through photography, shedding light on the balance between artistic expression and respecting personal boundaries.

We touch on how she delivers client previews and the value of consistent blogging as avenues for showcasing and sharing her photos. Join us as we navigate through this and so much more.

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