Episode 44: Rahul Khona with Jesse & Moira La Plante discussing off-camera flash at weddings and so much more about wedding photography

NineDots: The DotCast

Jul 12 2023 • 1 hr 42 mins

In this episode Rahul Khona is joined by Jesse & Moira La Plante where the discuss off-camera flash at weddings but not only just for portraits but throughout the whole day, along with discussing social media and the dopamine hit we're all after, the Gathering in November, eating with wedding guests and ofcourse the inevitable 'uncle bob' at weddings and so much more - we covered a wide spectrum thats for sure!

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with speakers - Jason Vinson, Jesse & Moira La Plante, York Place Studios, Soozana Pvan, Ronan  Palliser, Fabio Mirulla, Angela Ward Brown, Helen Williams, Nadine Van Biljon plus more!

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