After Hours

Academic Aunties

Dec 23 2021 • 55 mins

On this extended year-end episode, Dr. Rita Dhamoon, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Victoria, and Dr. Nisha Nath (https://twitter.com/nnath (@nnath)), Assistant Professor in the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies at Athabasca University grab a few drinks with Dr. Ethel Tungohan to talk about remembering who you are outside of the academy, rebuilding your strength, and how maybe it's the institution that has to get it's shit together. Thanks for listening! Get more information and read all the show notes at https://www.academicaunties.com (academicaunties.com). Get in touch with Academic Aunties on Twitter at https://www.twitter.com/academicauntie (@AcademicAuntie) or by e-mail at podcast@academicaunties.com.